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Lab Team

Primary Investigator

Headshot of Jonathan Zippin
Jonathan Hale Zippin , MD PhD FAAD
  • Vice Chair of Research
  • Director Contact, Occupational, and Photodermatitis Service
  • Associate Professor of Dermatology
  • Associate Professor of Pharmacology
  • Associate Attending Dermatologist, New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Ph.D., Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences of Cornell University, 2005
  • M.D., Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University, 2006

Lab Members

Jakyung Bang
  • MD Student, Class of 2021
Research Focus:

A second year medical student at Weill Cornell Medical College, currently interested in dermatology and internal medicine. His research project with Dr. Zippin has been focused on studying cAMP biology and sAC localization in melanocytes. "I aspire to continue pursuing my research interests in Zippin lab as well as hone my skills as a physician in the following years."

Headshot of Marek Drozdz
Marek Mateusz Drozdz , PhD
  • Postdoctoral Associate in Dermatology
Research Focus:
Investigation of cyclic AMP signaling pathways in skin biology and melanomagenesis.  Marek is a passionate scientist with research goals involving comprehensive understanding of changes in melanocyte biology that lead to perturbed signaling cascades in the process of cellular transformation. He received a DPhil in Pathology from the University of Oxford for his work with Professor David Vaux exploring links between the nuclear envelope and regulation of senescence in cellular models of premature aging.  Marek has a strong interest in developing new therapies for old age diseases, including cancer.
Headshot of Zuhal Eraslan
Zuhal Eraslan , Ph.D
Research Focus:

Zuhal is a post-doctoral associate, investigating the role of melanogenesis and pigmentation in metabolic reprogramming in normal melanocyte biology and melanoma cells. She received a Ph.D. in metabolism in hematological cancers under the supervision of Professor Ulrich Guenther from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2021. She was awarded a Marie Curie Research Fellowship to complete her Ph.D. Dr.Eraslan established herself as an expert in NMR-based metabolomic analysis especially as it relates to cancer cell metabolism.

Headshot of Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly , M.D.
  • Research Technician I
Research Focus:
My research focuses on the role of cAMP signaling, specifically from sAC, in T cell biology
Headshot of Amanda Simon
Amanda Simon
  • Research Technician
Research Focus:
I am primarily involved with the Zippin laboratory's in vivo mouse experiments that look at the role of sAC in pigmentation.
Headshot of Maftuna Yusupova
Maftuna Yusupova
  • Research Technician I
Research Focus:

I maintain our mouse colony and generate new mouse lines with specific genetic backgrounds. Also, I am involved in experiments that study the role of soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC) in melanogenesis through in vivo experiments on mice. Apart from that, I am highly interested in learning new research techniques.

Headshot of Dalee Zhou
Dalee Zhou
  • MD-PhD Graduate Student
Research Focus:

My research focuses on understanding how soluble adenylyl cyclase influences melanin production in normal and abnormal pigment cells. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, eating my way through New York City, and traveling around the world.

Former Lab Members

Michelle Feldman , BS.
Research Focus:

Technician in Dr. Zippins lab from 2016-2018. Dental student at  University of Pennsylvania

Anita Gade , DO.
Research Focus:
Spent 2017/18 in Dr. Zippin's lab. Currently applying in dermatology.
Jack Levy , MD.
Research Focus:

Spent 2015/16 in Dr. Zippin's lab. Currently a dermatology resident at Emory Medical School.

Charlee Nardin , MD.
Research Focus:

Two year (2013-15) research fellowship in Dr. Zippin's lab. Recently completed her residency in dermatology in France. Conducting a PhD in France with a focus on melanocyte research.

Koji Ota , MD.
Research Focus:

Spent 2016/17 in Dr. Zippin lab. Dermatology resident at GW Medical Center in 2020

Michelle Park , MD.
Research Focus:

Spent 2013/14 in Dr. Zippin's lab. Completed a dermatology residency at Albert Einstein School of Medicine

Caren Waintraub , MD.
Research Focus:

Spent 2014/15 in Dr. Zippin's lab. Currently a dermatology resident at Weill Cornell Medical College

Jenny Wang , MD.
Research Focus:

Spent 2016/17 in Dr. Zippin's lab. Dermatology resident at UCSD in 2020

Adam Widman , MD.
Research Focus:

Spent 2012/13 in Dr. Zippin's lab. Currently a Hematology/Oncology fellow at MSKCC working on melanoma research.

Olivia Wind , MD.
Research Focus:

Spent 2017/18 in Dr. Zippin's lab. Dermatology resident at Albert Einstein School of Medicine in 2020

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